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Which extensions are best for you and your hair?

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Hair extensions have been life changing to many people for a number of different reasons. They were given a bad press years ago when the techniques were limited and people didn't have good enough training.

Let's explain in some simple bullet points for you why you might consider getting some new locks.

  • Can disguise hair growth patterns

  • Holds hairstyles eg. curls & blowdries longer

  • Low maintanance

  • Instantly looks healthier

  • Longer and/or thicker

  • Helps to let your hair grow

  • No need to wash hair so frequently

  • Disguises thinning or thin hair

What Extensions do we do?

  • LA Weave

  • Nano beads

  • Tapes

  • Mirco rings

what ones are right for you?

We do a consultation for every extension client to make sure you know the best option for yourself, we discuss maintenance and will give you a quote. All of our extension fittings are done without harsh glue or heat.

Pros & cons:

LA Weave

Pros -

  • Adds thickness & length in a short amount of time.

  • even weight distribution

  • cost effective

Cons -

  • Not suitable for very fine hair

Nanos/Mirco Beads

Pros -

  • Small and discrete

  • great for finer hair or to add thickness]

  • Hair can last up to a year

  • Natural movement within the hair

Cons -

  • better used as a mixed method for length as can be expensive and time consuming

Tapes -

Pros -

  • quick application

  • flat to the head (you can do a slick ponytail)

  • easy to dry and look after

Cons -

  • re-taping may take 24hrs to give your hair some down time

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